Saturday, October 07, 2006

My 90 year old dad counts on me to have the answers.

I returned home from a late bite to eat Saturday night, to find a phone message from Dad. Dad turned 90 a month ago and there have been significant changes with his health this past year. The current thing is this; he's been having to make about 5 trips to the bathroom every night. His message, was to tell me he has blood in his urine.

Dad counts on me to handle things. This goes way back, but to an even greater extent since he's gotten old. He doesn't know what to do and so he calls me.

I called my Florida sister, a hospice nurse, to see if she knew what light blood in the urine could mean. Prostate problems, possibly, a urinary tract infection very likely. She cautioned that a blood clot could interfere with the ability to urinate, in which case a catheter might be necessary. Dad didn't seem anxious, neither did my sister, and I'm inurred to the big panic after having dealt with Dad's bizarre behaviour which culminated in a hospital stay last Christmas. I had my sister call Dad to tell him what she'd told me, then I left a message for one of Dad's doctors.

I'm not going to anticipate anything. I'll call to check on Dad tomorrow and hope that he's comfortable.

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