Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dad's biggest concern is his Friday night date! I get to deal with everthing else.

Just when things seem to settle into a comfortable routine and health care isn't the primary issue, something new invariably rears its head. I'm the caregiver by default and it's not a comfortable role. I've tried to give it up, this caring for an elderly parent, but no one will take it. So while Dad goes on with whatever it is he chooses to do, I'm left to figure out what might be going wrong. Today, he's interested in only one thing - his Friday night date. Me, I get to deal with the matter of blood in his urine.

After a visit to the doctor's Monday, I delivered Dad home and found blood stained items piled high on his hamper; waiting for me, I guess. I wish I'd investigated adult male "protection" before this mess occurred, but the thought never crossed my mind. After a crash course at the local pharmacy, I learned that there are pads for men, much like sanitary napkins for women, in addition to protective underpants that are sort of like a toddler's training pants. The concept of adult diapers, the brunt of night show humor, simply isn't accurate and I returned to Dad's apartment with 2 packs of male "protection" in tow.

Dad's biggest concern? Making sure this little situation doesn't interfere with his dinner dance and overnight stay with his favorite lady. It looks like the man-pad can be worn discreetly under his formal attire and the protective underpants will work well at night. So for Dad, at least, it's problem solved!

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