Sunday, October 01, 2006

Women aging with humor and grace!

Who saw 20/20 Thursday night? In a provocative segment on the difference between men and women in the bedroom, a 33 year old former Playboy Playmate of the Year unabashedly revealed that she wears a bra to bed because her "boobs flatten and spread" and she has a side to side Cesarean slice with a "little shelf that hangs over." Jenny McCarthy may have been promoting her book, and delivering her message with humor, but it just goes to show that no matter our age we can always find something to find fault with.

Jenny's candid disclosure reminded me of something my sister mentioned while visiting this summer, about Jamie Lee Curtis appearing in a magazine without being all "glammed" up. Already down this path of thought, I did a quick search and easily found the 2002 article entitled "Jamie Lee Curtis: True Thighs". There she was, 43 year old Jamie Lee Curtis in a sports bra and spandex briefs with a less than perfect aging figure and no makeup.
Baby boomer Jamie Lee Curtis said:
"There's a reality to the way I look without my clothes on. I don't have great thighs. I have very big breasts and a soft, fatty little tummy. And I've got back fat."

It just doesn't get more real than speaking of having back fat and this from a woman who once played the starring role in a film with the title "Perfect." Still, she says, "This is what I look like .... I've had to accept that part of me."

Flash forward to October 2006 and More magazine's online feature "Jamie Lee Curtis: On Growing Older & Wiser", a several page interview with the woman who's been so physically exquisite on the big screen, yet so frank in exposing the myth. Kudos to a beautiful woman who is setting the stage for gracious aging.

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carol stanley said...

Nice to know that movie stars are not perfect at any age...We are all getting older and with that some distress with our bodies...plastic surgery will not fix it all..but a good attitude will..carol stanley Author of "For Kids 59.99 and Over"