Saturday, October 14, 2006

Excuse me Ma'am, are you walking your cat?

Maine Coon cat Annie rolls. Click here for cat lover gifts!

We're back, from yet another great adventure. On this early Autumn day, after bringing the geraniums in last night for the threat of frost, it's crisp but not cold and quite simply glorious. I'd grabbed my coffee, put out the flag, and dutifully escorted Annie to the end of the driveway for her morning roll before our walk around the cul-de-sac.

We were on one such walk when a neighbor's friend, observing us approach as she loaded her son in a car seat, queried, "Excuse me, Ma'am, are you walking your cat?" I hadn't really thought about it that way, since it's Annie who's been traipsing me around the neighborhood, over and through the little wooded strips that divide some of the yards, sometimes stopping to groom and letting me sit and read under a tree. "Why, yes I am", I replied, which wasn't all together true. But Annie was already down the walk and with her "please come now" swish of the tail, and her plaintive look over her shoulder, I knew I'd best move along.

Now, after a sprint home and satisfying nibble, Annie is zonked out for what I hope is a very long nap. Working from home has its benefits and being with little "Annie girl", a very polite Maine Coon cat, is certainly one of them. Like so many moms who juggle family and work, it's a constant challenge. But, I'm free for the moment and best make hay while the sun shines!

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Debra said...

You are not alone. I never talk abou the issues I have living with my mom (76 and still works) but it is tiring and I have two brothers who do nothing but criticize, when they bother to interact with my mom, they won't talk to me. It is extremely frustrating.

I saw your question on the forums about categories. This is something I would also like. There are some beta hacks that give some versatility to categories but not exactly what we want. I saw a hack once but it was too complicated and I thought I'd wait until someone I trusted came up with a simple one.

I have links in my sidebar under beta hack zone, visit those guys and you might find something you like. I started with Hackosphere and recommend it highly. He gives simple clean directions and I just cut and paste.

While my blog is heavily political, I do have other interests, one of which is playing with blogger beta. I have a lot of different hacks that add more versatility so people can find what they are looking for, like related posts.

Good luck!